Monday, July 7, 2008


After an interesting year both personally and professionally it seems as though I've undergone several life changing experiences both sad and jubilant that have most definitely shaped my seemingly bizarre outlook of the past, present and future. However, what I would like to really share with you little buddies without sounding dramatic is that sometimes when you turn your back on reality, your imagination will show you exactly what it is that you've been yearning for. I watched one of my heroes play live for the first time about a month ago and it truly was an event that culminated a real "rollercoaster" of a year by proving to me that even if things seem shitty, they can always change for the better. Here's an interview with him and his new bandmates snubbing some geek of an internet reporter chick at Coachella 2008. While I don't totally agree with their attitudes, (they do come off as seemingly pretentious although it is my belief that they are just humble/bashful) I do believe that true artists let their work speak for themselves and that anything they say in an interview may or may not in some way, shape or form degrade the quality of their genius otherwise.... blah blah blah too much downers and red wine.... Enjoy

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One of my fave videos ever.

this was one of the first dance music videos i ever saw. at the time this was released (1998) they really didnt play this kind of stuff on american mtv. i was in europe alot that summer and mtv was one of the only things that was in english. they played this video constantly. not sure what made me think of it just now, but i love it.

Mike Dexter Is A God! Mike Dexter Is A Role Model!...What Ever Happend To Peter Facinelli?

When you think about hunks in Hollywood, using examples such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and The Miz from the Real World New York, are just too easy. I personally, when looking for hunks, search for the total package. Extreme Looks, Power Presence, and of course Dynamic Dimples. And after searching the reels of tinsel town, I have come across an H-List of beauties. But after delving into this list, I came across a real diamond in the rough, 1998's "Can't Hardly Wait" American bad-boy, Peter Facinelli.

Born in Queens New York (Obviously), in 73', Peter came out of the womb with a cigarette in mouth, telling the Doctor to "Take it Ease" when he slapped him on his little Sicilian ass to stop crying. From the ripe age of 6, Petey would stand in front of his stoop to impressions of the local fagoules for his family. A quote from his uncle Danny says

"Petey was a fucking riot ass a kid. one time he made me laugh so hard I trew a fresh ball of Muzzarell in my bachagaloupes (nickname for grandpa) face!"

Everyone in the neighborhood knew he had talent, so they all pushed for him, after his dream of playing for the pin-stripes was shattered by a bmx accident, to move to Hollywood and make the family proud.

Petey got his first start in the Hollywood flop of "Angela" where he played "Lucifer".

Although the dimwitted critics of LA, trashed the movie, back in Queens, it was the greatest thing since the Godfather. Larry Manginero, the local baker and Pete's little league coach said -

"I swear on my grandmas grave, I neva been so fuckin scared in my life. My wife nearly lost her canoli's during the picture"

Pete moved on to do other average performances, but in 1998, he stole the screen as jennifer Love Hewits, high school heart throb, Mike Dexter. In the movie as we all remember, jennifer gets dumped by Mike (Thank God) and then runs off with Ethan Embry at the end of the movie. Angie Gagliano, Petey's second cousin said-

"I'm glad that no good slut ran off with that half a fag at the end. Pete was too good fa her in that stupid movie and in real life."

After that, Pete has gone on to do minimal work on some t.v. shows and has a few films in pre-production right now. But here at MFGaT, we will always honor Pete, his family, and his Queens legendary status, as one of Hollywood's greatest Hunks of all time.

Salute Peter!



jonny showed me this really neat learning tool on youtube. he is not bright, i can count to schfityfive on my fingers and toes and with my dong. dong.

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