Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sick New Band

My boy Ira just put me on to this new band, Repping Jacksonville real tough...They are called the Black Kids, this is there single "I'm Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You". The title is a little pause, but the track is sick, and the Remix by "The Twelves" is even better. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Dare!

I really would like to hear more about this story. I'll keep googling.

A 24-year old Santa Rosa man faces charges after allegedly punching a camel at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.

Police say Christopher Allen's friend dared him Sunday to enter a restricted area of the park and punch the animal. Security guards caught him in the act, but Allen and his friends were able to escape and run from the park.

Vallejo police arrested Allen nearby on Highway 37. The camel was not injured in the attack.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Two New Things

I don't care if you think this "blog" is "over", here's my new video:

And I don't care if you didn't like seeing your boy sad and broken-hearted, cause this is better anyway:

Sorry for posting my own video. I'll justify it tomorrow.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Too Good To Not Share...

More Yelle

was curious about the lyrics to the Yelle song "Je Veux Te Voir" cause I heard they were really dirty, and wow, they are DIRTY!!

Cuizinier with your little dick surrounded by red hair
I can’t believe that you would think anyone would want you
I don’t believe it even in the dark, even if you keep your pajamas on
Even if you keep your bathrobe on, your outdated t-shirt
Keep your shirt on, it’ll limit the damages, bastard

I wanna see you
In a porno
In action with your dick
Shaped like a steak fry or maybe just shoestring fries

To know everything
About your anatomy
About your cousin Teki
And your fetish accessories
Cuizi, what is
Your favorite position
Your Olympic performances
But there’s nothing orgasmic about you
You’re competely naked
Beneath your apron
Ready to unsheath your sword
But I promise you, you aren’t getting anywhere
You dream of a fluorescent Hummer
Designed by Akroe
But you don’t have a license
You always take the subway
Superstar for an evening, your life goes back to normal afterwards
No need for dark glasses to hide yourself, no one recognizes you
Your green card is waiting for you, man
That’s not just empty words
I managed to make you one
With my scanner
No cover charge tonight
That’s the only way to get people to come
So, ladies, let’s take a hike
Yeah, we’re going to see the Chippendales
We weren’t planning on spending the evening with losers
We wanted to see pecs, men hung like horses [lit. Bulls]

Your posters of Lil Jon cover the ones of Magic Johnson
Your body is too crunk to get any slam dunks
Cuizinier it’s you I want to see
I want to see this evening
Be made an ass of by a girl who raps better than you
I don’t have enough fingers to count in this room
All these girls with their hair done like me who know what you’re worth naked

YELLE @ Highline Ballroom 4/03/08

The Fake Nick Weil and I attended one of the better live shows I've seen in recent times last night at the Highline Ballroom.  YELLE might be the biggest thing to come out of France since baguettes and Gerard Depardieu.  The energy that lead singer Julie Budet riled up from the crowd was quite impressive, considering I didn't have too many expectations going into the show.  My biggest question prior to the show, was what type of crowd would be in attendance.  It was definitely an interesting mix of little hipster girls, French/euro weirdos, and the weird Lupe Fiasco sub-culture.  YELLE, which is a "feminized acronym for 'You enjoy life'", gained notoriety and popularity via the pages of Myspace (  Recently, YELLE performed at the Coachella Festival, and other various dates across the US and Canada.  YELLE's quick rise to fame proves how vital and important a tool the internet continues to be in the success of young and upcoming musicians.  For all you aspiring musicians, keep plugging away...

Things you KNOW were spotted at the show:

Lot of gold, silver, and neon spandex
Tons of stretched out tank tops 
Gold plated casio watches (courtesy of The Fake)
LOT of American Apparel gear
Black and white stripped shirts EVERYWHERE
Smelly euro weirdos
Underage hipster girls wearing moo-moo's or t-shirts as dresses
Ton of cowboy boots w/leggings 

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