Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Been Fly Kickin' Since Diapers Were Cool...

So my brother Fast Eddie, definitely just fucking killed it with the Lucky Luke throw back. But as he knows, when you play the remember when game, this chubby little guy definitely knows how to party. That being said, When EB and I were kids we used to go to Old Lyme Connecticut every weekend to get weird. We threw rocks, played with GI Joe's, and smoked sticks (no homo).

Yes we did love Cowboys and Indians, but there was also a subject, that captivated our young minds, that caused us to not only begin our journey into the study of Tae Kwon Do, but also caused my father to beat us with a belt a few times, after we practiced our new art in the living room. Every saturday there was this little video store that we would go to, while my Waspy relatives were heading to the bottle shop, to re-up and prepare for a heavy night of vino and the blame game. Every saturday, EB and I would rent the same movie. It was called '7 Lucky Ninja Kids" and it was fucking Awesome.

Seven kids with superior martial arts skills stumble into excitement and adventure in this action comedy. One day, one of the kids accidentally stumbles upon the scene of a murder, and shortly before the victim expires, he gives the boy a valuable diamond, with instructions to give it to a woman with a rose. As the kid and his pals try to figure out what to do, they discover a group of gangsters are also on the trail of the jewel, and their talents are put to the test (1).

So basically it's the plot to the most awesomest coolest fucking movie ever made. I probably have seen this movie 75 times. And when they eat the steak sandwiches, i get hungry every time. Here are two clips I found, and the movie poster. Hope you enjoy.



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