Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Alright so here's what's up, as we the new moon has arrived it seems that change is happening all around us and although we aren't usually ones to go with the flow, this time we are taking a journey in the lunar river. We are a new band with new members and new visions, therefore we will bid farewell to the great times that embodied Blood Street and welcome ________ (we are strategically waiting to unveil our new name) into this amazingly weird period of history, we hope we will earn your blessings and respect time and time again, and for those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we're talking Black Francis to The Evolutionary beginning, we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are going to be recording a live series of studio sessions very very soon and we would like to invite people to come into the studio and be part of their creation. We will be filming everything that goes down in the studio from the music to you guys coming in and hanging out and we would also like to invite people to participate by doing interviews and also jamming with us on film so please stay tuned for more details.... I am including this video to demonstrate what kind of vibe we're going for. Eventually when we get a lil' budget we will have a proper shoot with costumes and all sorts a party favors to offer our guests, but this time around it's going to be very grass roots and we would like to ask two questions of our guests. 1. What is your very favorite song?, 2. What does music mean to you? I understand these are very difficult questions to answer so I would ask you to please really think about them and come prepared with something to say.

Lata Luvas,


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